Phase 1 – Discovery

Designed for teams and individuals ready to initiate their impact journey, this phase allows them to better understand an issue and its challenges, to map the landscape and the ecosystem in which it is situated, and to build concrete solutions for lasting impact.

Whether you are involved in education, health, the environment, culture or any other social dimension, this program is the ideal springboard for those who want to make an impact while keeping their mission at the top of their priorities


5 weeks – 5-7h / week

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Next Session

May 7, 2024

Application Deadline

April 23, 2024


The first phase of the aspiring changemakers’ journey is based on systems mapping – 5 weeks of 1:1 workshops and coaching tailored to needs and development goals. Access free workspaces, an engaged community and frequent events designed to give aspiring changemakers the opportunity to get involved in a concrete movement

Objectives of
the Discovery phase

Map &

In depth exploration of the problem to be solved and the ecosystem in which it exists

Learn systemic thinking

Analyze opportunities

Design &

Define the roadmap and next steps of the project

Generate solutions and iterate

& Community

Grow your network of like minded peers and coaches

Access sector specific events

Admission requirements

  • Have the desire to engage with a social or environmental issue
  • A strong dedication to the project and ability to be comfortable with risk and the unknown
  • Having a co-founder would be ideal, but not mandatory

Balsam is committed to supporting the creation of regenerative ecosystems. Our program is completely free and open to all

Discover the
full program

Phase 1

an idea

Understand a social or environmental problem and its challenges, map its environment, imagine concrete solutions

Phase 2

the project

Define the target market, develop a deeper understanding of the issues, design a business model to build a viable business

Phase 3


Launch and realize your project to achieve your goals and take your place in an ecosystem of change.

Phase 4

Scale your

Develop new markets through an international network of resources, committed partners, and investors

A journey from
early stage