Changing the world,
at scale

A complete
journey for
lasting impact

Like the hummingbird that actively throws a few drops on a burning forest, we believe that each individual can do their part to transform the world of tomorrow. Our role is to support the artisans of change in their journey by providing all the necessary resources at their disposal

Phase 1

an idea

Understand a social or environmental problem and its challenges, map its environment, imagine concrete solutions

Phase 2

the project

Define the target market, develop a deeper understanding of the issues, design a business model to build a viable business

Phase 3


Launch and realize your project to achieve your goals and take your place in an ecosystem of change

Phase 4

Scale your impact

Develop new markets through an international network of resources, committed partners, and investors

Ready to make a difference?

For us, change is not about
an idea, but about the concrete
means we use to have an impact
on our environment

We want to live in a world where the human dimension is a catalyst for change, and where no one is left behind. We believe in the strength of individuals, and the power of the collective.